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We have tried to create programs that meet the needs of the majority of people. We get it! People are busy. That’s why all of our program based services are either telemedicine or hybrid (a combination of telemedicine & in-person).


As a medical clinic, we must collect certain information from our patients for our records and to ensure we are providing safe and effective care. Virtual monthly check-ins are the best way for us to complete these requirements. This questionnaire can be found on the patient portal in the same area as the consent forms and is labeled: MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS ONLY- Virtual Monthly Check-In. We will send a monthly mass BCC email reminder to fill out the Virtual Monthly Check-In. Sometimes our emails end up in junk mail. Please search for emails from as well as any emails ending with and mark as safe senders to avoid missing important information regarding the program.


If you have not set up your patient portal, you must do so to complete this and any other required forms for our services. The web address for the patient portal is: 


It is mandatory that all program participants (regardless of program type or phase) complete the virtual monthly check-in questionnaire each month, at least 21 days apart, and by no later than the 1st of each month. Each person must complete their own questionnaire. You may not complete information for a family member or friend from your patient portal, as the information you provide goes directly into your electronic medical record. 


If the Virtual Monthly Check-In is not completed by the 7th day of the month we will reach out via email or text message to send a gentle reminder to complete this. At this time, you will have 7 additional days to complete the questionnaire prior to being forwarded to our membership team. We will be unable to provide services, consult on your treatment, or refill medications until this is complete. 


If the Virtually Monthly Check-In is not completed by the 14th day of the month, someone from our membership team will contact you via email or text message to assist you further. You will not receive a phone call.


Our membership team may require that you complete additional forms. Examples of these forms include acknowledgement of program requirements and how to complete them if you wish to continue in the program. Or a program termination form if you wish to terminate your membership. Please respond promptly if you are contacted by our membership team in order to avoid additional charges and/or fees to your credit card on file.

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