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Medical Weight Loss

Over 40% of Americans are obese. Obesity is a Body Mass Index of 30.0 or higher. Most people have tried to lose weight at some point in their lifetime. The failure of meeting weight loss goals is NOT a flaw in a person's strength or motivation. There are many factors that contribute to obesity. Research has shown that biology has a profound effect on weight gain and regain after weight loss: Hormone levels, metabolic adaptation, body weight set point, genetic factors, and more. The human body is smart. When our caveman ancestors were foraging and hunting for food and food was scarce, these mechanisms were needed to survive. Unfortunately, our bodies didn’t get the memo that we have a plentiful supply of food in this current day and age.

Overweight and obesity just became classified as a chronic disease in 2013 by the medical association. Although we have a large variety of research-based evidence on the subject, there are many individuals who will continue experience unfair treatment, bias, and bullying due to their condition. A condition, like other chronic conditions, that puts one at risk for significant comorbid conditions, and even loss of years of life. These individuals will experience unfair treatment by family, friends, strangers, and even healthcare providers. Why? They don’t understand the disease. Fortunately, more people are beginning to understand that, although eating less and moving more is an important part of weight loss and maintenance, biological factors can sabotage even the most dedicated dieter’s progress.

We offer a supervised weight loss program with optional medication assistance for those who qualify.  Our medical provider has more than 11 years of experience with medical weight loss in family practice and behavioral health settings. We started offering a medical weight loss program in our wellness center shortly after opening in March 2022. Since that time we have made significant upgrades and enhancements to the program. We are continuously adding and optimizing this (and all of our  programs) in order to bring our patients updated, affordable, and meaningful services. Our top priorities are the safety and success of our patients.

Studies show that in addition to a healthy-reduced calorie diet and moderate exercise, many people benefit from medical management. What is medical management? This is meeting with a medical provider and discussing your health history, goals, and barriers. After this discussion, your provider will discuss the options available to you should you want to try medications to augment your weight loss. It is true what they say, there is NO magic pill! You still have to do the work. Medical management can help make it a little easier though. Not everyone is a candidate for medication. Certain medications work like stimulants and are not advised for someone with a history of substance addiction or cardiac problems, while others are not indicated for those with a history of certain thyroid cancers. Support systems and education regarding exercise and nutrition are also a vital part of being successful. We help guide you in the right direction so you can be successful. 

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