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Want to get the most for your money? Become a Graceful Secrets member and enjoy ongoing, regular treatments. We offer three exquisite tiers of luxury and care: Gold, Platinum, and Secret. Elevate your wellness and beauty journey with a membership that grants you access to an array of extraordinary benefits and personalized services. Our membership programs do not require down payments, there are no credit checks and no hidden fees. You simply get the best value at the lowest price possible.


Nothing you can do at home, regardless of how much money you spend on products, can come close to the results you can enjoy from professional treatments, especially when they are maintained on a monthly basis. In fact, some of our patients can save money by regularly getting real, professional treatments like only Graceful Secrets can do compared to what they spend on expensive at-home products for beauty and weight management.  Best of all, your friends and co-workers will beg you to tell them your secrets as you look younger and more vibrant each month.


Membership Tiers

Unlock a world of unrivaled indulgence, rejuvenation, and beauty. Choose the tier that resonates with your desires, and embark on a transformative journey where your wellness and satisfaction are our top priorities. Elevate your experience to new heights with our Membership Program, where luxury, care, and enchantment await.

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Gold Membership

Discover the opulence of our Gold Membership, designed to pamper you with essential medspa experiences. Enjoy a selection of rejuvenating treatments and services, along with special discounts and priority booking. With our Gold Membership, you'll unlock the key to indulgence and relaxation, all tailored to your unique preferences.

$69 per Month

You save $4000 per year*


  • 10% Off Injectables

  • 10% Off Aesthetic Services

  • 10% Off Laser Services

  • 20% Off Retail

  • Weekly B-12 Shot

  • Choose One of the Following Services Each Month: Dermaplane, Chemical Peel or IV Therapy.

Stylish Hairdo

Platinum Membership

For those seeking the epitome of lavishness and VIP treatment, our Platinum Membership awaits. Experience a curated selection of services, including exclusive access to advanced treatments and customized skincare plans. Alongside generous discounts, our Platinum Membership will ensure you are always at the forefront of luxury and well-being.

$169 per Month

You save $8000 per year*


  • 15% Off Injectables

  • 20% Off Aesthetic Services

  • 20% Off Laser Services

  • 20% Off Retail

  • Weekly B-12 Shot

  • Choose One of the Following Services Each Month: Clinical grade facial or any services from our Gold Membership.


Secret Membership

For the ultimate graceful secret, we invite you to explore our Secret Membership—an exclusive tier shrouded in mystery and enchantment. Reserved for a select few, our Secret Membership offers access to the most exclusive treatments, sought-after services, and hidden gems. You'll enjoy unparalleled perks, surprise bonuses, and personalized services.

$299 per Month

Limited Availability


  • 25% Off Injectables

  • 30% Off Aesthetic Services

  • 30% Off Laser Services

  • 20% Off Retail

  • Weekly B-12 Shot

  • Anytime access to the Graceful Secrets Medspa Relaxation Suite including access oxygen and salt therapy.

  • Choose One of the Following Services Each Month: Microneedling, Clinical grade facial or any services from our Gold or Platinum Memberships.

*Each tier includes on curated service per month.  Discounts can not be combined with other couplns or discounts. Membership requires at least a 3 month committment.

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