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Deoychloic acid and PCDC are cytolytic medications that are used to break down fat cells. Deoychloic acid was first marketed under the brand name Kybella and approved for use in the submental fat (or double chin). PCDC is a compounded form of deoxycholic acid and is made up of Phosphatidylcholine/Sodium Deoxycholate. Many providers now will also use these medications to spot treat certain areas, such as the fatty area beneath the bra or even certain locations on the abdomen.

Deoxycholic acid and PCDC are both liquids that are injected beneath the skin into the fat. A single treatment may consist of as many as 50 injections (10 ml) spaced 1 cm apart.  A person can have up to 6 treatments, each spaced 1 month apart. The amount of treatments a person needs is individualized. Most people have visible results after 2-4 sessions.

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